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January 10, 2023 - Appreciating the Wonder All Around

Everyday awe is accessible to everyone, and perhaps even more to those of us who spend time in Northern Arizona. There are so many natural wonders surrounding us in plain sight and on the many trails available to explore. We took some time this past week to visit Sacred Mountain and the V-Bar-V heritage site and it was yet another reminder of our connection to the millennia of ancestors that have inhabited this earth before us. The similarities to other sites we have seen on other continents was also striking, and the mystery of those similarities is awe inspiring. You can't help but imagine what their lives were like here, with their petroglyphs providing only hints of their activities and beliefs. It is humbling to remember that we are here for such a brief moment, and makes me wonder what will remain for those to interpret our existence here thousands of years to come.

Lifting our awareness to forces greater than ourselves provides mental, physical and spiritual benefits that I myself often experience. When I am feeling down, spending time in nature and connecting with this wonderful community at the studio are the things that I find most uplifting. It reminds me that I am connected to something bigger, and supports me in shifting from what is in my head to wondering about the nature of this bigger experience on earth that I am a part of. We continue do our best to provide a meaningful and nurturing experience for everyone that comes to practice at Village Yoga, and love to hear your feedback. We have made some schedule adjustments and would love to know what you think. Thank you for supporting us with your presence.

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