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Founded on the belief that we heal and thrive in community, we are a studio built just for you


Our Mission

Village Yoga supports people on their well-being journey by providing a wide variety of yoga and wellness classes in a supportive, compassionate environment. 


Regardless of age or experience, and whether you are here for days, weeks, months or years, we welcome you to practice in community with us.

 Everything we offer is with the intention of illuminating the power of community and respect for our environment to foster sustainability and quality of life.  

Yoga your Way... find what you need with our diverse styles of classes

Looking to improve flexibility and release muscle tension?

Join our Yin yoga classes to unwind and de-stress your body through long-held stretches that assist the body in releasing all the way in the deep tissue layers of the body's fascia network, leaving the practitioner to feel like they just experienced a deep tissue massage.  And you can try classes like Hip & Hamstring Rescue and Pranayama & Stretch.  These classes are accessible for all ages, abilities, levels of fitness, and for anyone who desires more calm and relaxation in their daily life.

Do you want to build strength and improve alignment?

Try Strength, Stretch and Restore Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Mat Pilates.  These classes involve stretching, sitting, and standing poses to aid the body in releasing stress-related patterns of tension that can lead to limited movement, and bring the body back towards its natural state of balance.  You don't have to be flexible or have any prior experience to participate in these classes which are accessible for all ages, abilities, levels of fitness.

Love to sweat and flow?

Try our vinyasa classes, Flow & Glow or Warm Yoga.  Classes labeled "warm" are heated to 86-90 degrees.  Satya Flow and Lunar Flow are all levels classes in the vinyasa tradition that you can modify and make your own.  Goddess Yoga is a dance inspired flow class for women only. 

Newer to yoga or returning after a long break?

Most of our classes are accessible to all levels, but if you are looking for a gentler pace try Satya Flow and Lunar FlowHatha, Stretch, Strength & Restore, and any of our Restorative and Yin classes.  We offer specialty workshops and private consultations are also available.  

Are you looking for peace, calm and balance?

Yoga is incredibly effective in reducing stress. Any style will be beneficial when aligned with your personal needs and abilities. We have classes specifically designed for calming and healing including Restorative Yoga, Stretch + Restore, Yoga & Sound, Myofascial Yin and Pranayama and Stretch, Meditation and Qigong. These classes typically include more seated and reclined poses and may incorporate props to support deep relaxation. No yoga experience is needed to benefit from one of these classes.

Village Yoga is proud to be a Certified Sustainable Business at the Innovator/Silver level from the Sustainability Alliance.


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