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Variety is key to living a full enriched life, so we have partnered with amazing local professionals to enable you to curate your own Sedona wellness experiences.  All of our partners are part of our community and hold the same vision and values, and offer exceptional quality.

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Yo Soy Satya


Yo Soy Satya (I Am Truth) is a global community dedicated to SACRED LEADERSHIP. We lead first within ourselves, then within our communities, and ultimately with our planet through the lifestyle and practices of yoga, Ayurveda, deep connection to the elements, sacred honor for our Earth Mother, and other ancient traditions from around the world.

Upcoming Events:

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, beginning Feb. 3-4, monthly thru Aug. 4.  

Learn more visit:

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Sedona Dances


Danielle McNeal's dance classes and choreography workshops are an incredible gift to our community as is her passionate leadership of the Sedona Dance Project, and her involvement with Sedona Dances.  No professional dance experience required, just a desire to move!  We are grateful to have her offering her services to our community!

Learn more at:



Sedona Bellydance


Led by Carrie Konyha, all classes encourage community involvement & offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a creative addition to your fitness goals, enjoy dancing as a recreational hobby, like dancing as a holistic practice, aspire to perform or are serious about training for a professional career in bellydance (performing or teaching), we have classes and a track of learning made just for you!


Upcoming Events:

September Bellydance on Mondays
5:30-6:30 Beginners • 6:45-7:45 Advanced


Learn more at:

Foot Massage

Hands of Zen Massage Therapy


Ron Taniguchi has extensive experience with many different modalities and customizes every massage to customers' needs based on primary assessment and discussion of symptoms.   He uses a combination of techniques to maximize pain relief and relaxation. He approaches massage as an integral part and an investment in your overall health and wellbeing.  His motto is: If you want positive Chi, Come and see me!"


QiGong with Ron: 

Wednesday Mornings a 8 a.m. at Village Yoga


Learn More and Book Massage Directly with Ron at:

Regardless of your age, physical ability, or experience


We have a class that can benefit you.


We pride ourselves on our welcoming community and a friendly environment with a variety of class types. You do not need to stand on your head, bend like pretzel or wear fancy clothes to practice yoga - but of course you are welcome to do all of those things if that is your way.


Its called a practice for a reason...just showing up on the mat is an important step.

Wherever you are in your wellness journey - our community can support you

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