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Feeling the Vibrations of Spring

The wonderful precipitation we received this winter combined with the recent warm sunshine is working its magic in Sedona and you can feel Spring coming! There is an energetic vibration that is hard to describe in words, but if you pause outside for a moment you can feel it. It is a subtle vibration, or maybe not so subtle when the wind ushers it along. The birds are celebrating it with their morning songs and the weight and darkness of winter are dissolving, giving way to buds on trees and visitor traffic on Route 179.

Energy and vibrations are common themes in Sedona, but I invite you to slow down in the coming days to allow yourself time to notice what your senses bring to you personally. You may not have words for it, or it may seem common place. The breeze, the bird songs, the warmth on your skin, the buds emerging on tree branches.... each of these is a vibration of energy that we can take for granted because it comes each spring. What happens when you pause to savor the sensations of spring?

Your yoga and wellness practices may shift this time of year as well. It is light out now for 6 pm classes, which may give you the energy to venture out a bit later than in winter, and you may feel called to try something new as part of your own personal growth journey. I believe it is our purpose to make the most of our time on earth by appreciating the world around us, the people, the environment, the food, the views, the sounds and all that the vibrations through our senses give us. Practicing yoga will allow you to stay present in awareness, and I invite you to continue to practice with us.

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