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Nourishing Yourself

Have you ever thought about what nourishes you? Nourish is a word that I typically associate with food, but thinking about it more broadly, it can include all things that sustain us and support growth and wellbeing. When you water your garden for example, the quality and quantity of the water impact the health of the plants. And, what each plant needs will vary and be influenced by environmental conditions, so it is helpful to be tuned in to what is most beneficial given the circumstances. Tomatoes and roses need different nourishment, and how you support your garden in June will be different than in October. People are similar. I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I enter week three of a seasonal cleanse. Shifting my habits from consuming things that are convenient to intentionally identifying things that are beneficial isn't easy, as I am sure many of you have experienced. My intention for this cleanse is to create new habits that are both satisfying and nourishing, and I have to say that I am having fun with it now, discovering new recipes I wouldn't have found otherwise and enjoying produce from our local organic farms. It takes more time, but not much more, and I am proud of myself for making it to this point. Of course, others in my household are not having the same experience and may not consider this self exploration fun at all. I am not striving for some imaginable perfection, instead I am just learning to tune in to my body more closely. It may not be mealtime but am I hungry? How do I feel after eating fresh simply dressed greens? Do I feel different when I forget to take the vitamin supplements? How much more do I enjoy that bite of chocolate?

The idea of taking time to consider what nourishes you can also be applied to how we spend our time. The media we consume, the books and music we choose, the activities we engage in all impact our wellbeing and growth. I have a stack of books that I keep starting and putting down and a bunch of shows and movies on my recommended "watchlist" that I finally gave myself permission to ignore because they don't make me feel good - they don't enrich my day. Are there things in your day that you do out of habit or because someone else suggested it? What lights you up and makes you feel nourished? Maybe you could replace one of those things that just takes time and energy without giving back to you and replace it with a different activity that enriches you. Village Yoga and our partners have a lot of options for you to consider in the coming months. Summer season may be slower, but we will continue to provide a place for our community to grow and improve your wellbeing.

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