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The Power of Being Intentional

As I write this email we are experiencing this month's New Moon energy, providing the opportunity for intentional creation and new beginnings. I, like all of you, have experienced many new beginnings in my life in the form of new projects, jobs, homes and relationships. Sometimes this has been fully intentional and I have left behind the old with purpose and joyful anticipation, and sometimes change just happens and it can take a while to recognize and appreciate that a new beginning has occurred. It is much more enjoyable to create with intention!

I invite you to imagine what you can invite into your life to bring you the greatest sense of fulfillment in this Spring season of growth. What is your heart's desire, and what will it take to create that high vibration? Over the past months many of our members have shared with me things that they are passionate about and that bring them joy. It wasn't an easy question for many people yet after some thought examples included: dancing like nobody is watching, discovering beauty in nature, sharing compassion with others, laughing with dear friends, traveling and exploring, and practicing yoga in community (thanks for that one!). What is your joy?

The power of intention to create a life you love is not about acquiring material things, it is about feeling complete, alive and vibrant. Take a moment and sit in a comfortable place with your eyes closed and call to mind the sensation of complete bliss. What is it that invokes that blissful energy for you? Hold on to that feeling and let it wash over you like a cool spring breeze. It may even give you goose bumps or a tingly sensation as the energy flows throughout your body. Do you acknowledge that you deserve to feel that good? Do you know that when you feel that good you raise the vibration of those around you? It is not selfish to desire that, it is beneficial and necessary for our communities and planet to thrive. Wherever you are on you life's journey, this is the perfect time to set an intention to feel passion and bliss in your life both for yourself, and for the inspiration it brings others.

Village Yoga's intention is to provide a community to support you in feeling awesome. We have some great opportunities for that this month, and some shifts in our schedule to address the feedback we have received. Please continue to share your thoughts with us, it is a joy to serve you.

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