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Inspired Action

As I write this the country is anticipating a Solar Eclipse.  It’s an infrequent event in our human lives, although they have likely been occurring since before humans roamed the earth.  According to NASA "the oldest recorded eclipse in human history may have been on Nov. 30, 3340 B.C.E. ", and recordings of eclipses have provided important scientific insights including validation of Einstein's theory of relativity.  The economic, psychological, social and meta-physical effects of this event are widely considered in the media.  Some of the interesting things I have read include that people will spend around $1.5 Billion in eclipse related events as people travel to areas along the path of totality.  Which makes me wonder…. Why? 


What is inspiring people to travel and spend their time and money to experience this?  Experts in social science and neurology point to the desire to feel awe.  We are drawn to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and to  be united with others in a time where so much attention is on what divides us.  As I've written about before, awe has incredible mental and physical health benefits, so it makes sense that we would naturally seek out chances to sense this unification, the connection to something we all have in common but that we often forget…. We are a bunch of impermanent beings on a tiny hunk of matter hurling together through a vast universe that we have no control of and barely know anything about.


That may either excite you, make you feel insignificant, or cause you to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed.  For me it's kind of a combination of all of this, but I find myself intrigued by the awe of it all.  What a miracle it is that I am here at this moment, typing these words to share with you while there are about 8 billion other people on earth doing something uniquely different.  What is it that inspires each of us to get out of bed each day and act as we do?  Often it is the need to meet the expectations of others.  To show up for work, or your family or to care for a pet.  Sometimes it’s the routine we have developed, to make that cup of coffee or tea, to check our phones to see what we missed while we were sleeping, to see who is saying what on social media, to write in our gratitude journal or see what birds are in our backyard. 


I invite you to consider how you spend your time each day, and what is it that inspires you?  Are you acting out of inspiration and love, or habit and commitment? Do you wake up thinking about what you get to do, or what you should do? (Hint:  "Get to" is more energizing than "should"). How often do you experience joy, love and awe? Does your soul feel satisfaction at the end of your day? 


I feel most inspired when I am creating with others.  Whether it is pottery, cooking, a yoga class or planning a fun community event… I love being inspired by the ideas of others and making something out of the collection of these ideas.  You see the reflection of that in the diversity of what we offer at Village Yoga.  I do my best to spend time each day in this energetic space… and like most of you, some days are more satisfying than others. What will it take for us to live in this inspired place more often in our brief time on this planet?


Astrologically speaking the eclipse, which is during a new moon, is a time for new beginnings and possibly an opportunity to have a heightened sense of intuition.  What new beginning will you welcome in to your life this month?  As you experience the energies of this eclipse, however and wherever that may be for you, take some time alone to feel what it is that calling you. If you had no responsibilities at all this month, and all the resources you need, what would you feel inspired to do? I believe we all have unique gifts that we are meant to share with our fellow inhabitants of earth, and feelings of inspiration are nature's way of reminding us to share those gifts to bring us joy and fulfillment. At the end of our days it is those moments of joy that define our lives.  I wish you all an inspiring and joyful month, and I hope that Village Yoga can help contribute to that in some way.  It is all of you that read this and provide feedback that inspire me, thank you.

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